Senior team development

If the members of your top teams are not working well together, it doesn’t matter how talented the individuals are, the team as a whole will not be effective in achieving goals.  Maybe people aren’t playing to their strengths, or are having difficulty adjusting to other members’ different styles.  During or after periods of major change a team which had previously performed well may find itself less able to adapt to what might now be very different demands.

I use the Margerison McCann Team Management Systems suite of profiling tools as a basis for the facilitation of sessions designed to assess, develop and improve team performance.  Each team member completes a profile consisting of 60 questions that explore how, when they are at work they prefer to:

–     relate to others

–     gather and use information

–     make decisions

–     organize themselves and others.

From there, a profile is built that highlights their role preferences. It’s a useful way to look at strengths too, on the basis that people tend to work better in the areas they prefer.

Team members can see how their behaviours and styles compare, and what that means for the way they should work together.  They also gain an increased awareness of others’ strengths and weaknesses and who is likely to fall into different roles.

I use the Margerison McCann team management systems and a variety of other tools including 3rd party references (360° appraisal) to assess senior management capability, sometimes as part of a review ahead of acquisition or investment, and also as the initial stage in planning for development.