Resolutions for a happy 2021

As we made our New Year’s resolutions this time last year, we could never have imagined what the year would hold. For many of us there have been difficulties – concerns about loved ones, financial stress and loneliness to name but a view. There have also been positives for some of us – a less busy life so a chance to reflect, a chance to take up new hobbies or learn new things, a closer connection to our local community and a future which with flexible or home working will allow more work life balance .

We are still living in very uncertain and difficult times but as 2021 unfolds hopefully we can begin to live our lives in full again.

So it does make sense to make resolutions and plans as we often do at this time of year.  Having aims and objectives means we can move forward and grow – and then feel a sense of satisfaction when we achieve them.

Wayne Dyer said:

“Don’t die with your song still in you.”

When I’m helping clients to set career goals, often we start with looking at what the person wants to look back on in future years.  We’re trying to work out what is really important to them to make the most of what for all of us is a fleeting life.

What is going to make the journey to where and who you want to be a happy one that gives you time to enjoy being alive?  Life can end up being just too busy, with pressure to succeed in every aspect.  We are bombarded with information and advice from all sides and each day becomes a long list of “things to do”.

So maybe we should all start the new year by actually reducing our expectations and trying instead to concentrate on what is at the core of our reason for valuing life.  Of all the different things you juggle with every day, which are least important?   Can you stop doing some of them to give you more time to concentrate on the ones which give you a sense of well-being and contentment?  Or can you simply reduce the level to which you do something (best example: housework!) to give you more time for things you enjoy?

Mindfulness is all about trying to focus on the here and now, rather than constantly looking back or worrying about the future.  It’s about appreciating and enjoying the moment – we could all do more of that…