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Heather McArthur is an experienced career coach and management development specialist


“At a complete career crossroads a chance meeting with Heather proved to be highly fortuitous. Heather helped steer my thought processes; refine my cv; update and hone my interview skills and most crucially re-instill my self confidence. After our sessions, with my career mapped out, I was delighted to accept the role I had aspired to.”  Marketing manager, retail sector


Do you need help to plan your career?

Do you know what kind of role you are looking for but need help to achieve this?

Are you a high achiever who has progressed rapidly in your career and needs to plan next steps?

Are you in control of your career?

“I feel less likely to just bounce from role to role, like I have done in the past as I have a much clearer view of where I would like to get to in my career. I also have a much better understanding of my key skills and how to articulate them – the exercise of writing a functional CV was particularly helpful. I now have a great toolkit that I can apply to future career decisions.”  Finance director, manufacturing sector