Career Coaching in London

Are you presenting yourself as well as you can in today’s highly competitive London market?

Have you reached a point in your career when you need help to plan your future?


Perhaps you’re about to return to work after furlough and are not sure that you want to go back to what you were doing. Or you’ve taken a career break and don’t know where to start to get back onto the career ladder. Maybe you’re facing redundancy and are worried about how to get another job.  Or you simply want a change, or are starting out on your career having just left school or university. Or you have reached a senior level in a successful career and now want to plan a portfolio of activities rather than working full-time.


Whatever your situation, you need to be sure of where you want to go and to be presenting yourself to best advantage.


Heather McArthur will work with you individually, arranging zoom sessions to suit and providing email and telephone support in between.

Career Coach London

Using a mix of discussion, exercises and questionnaires we will take a long hard look at where you want to go with your career. The tools we can use include:


  • Examining the lessons to be learned from your life/work and achievements to date
  • Analysing your career anchors/values
  • Looking at the role you play within a team
  • Assessing your career interests
  • Carrying out a SWOT analysis of your current circumstances
  • Psychometric testing to look at what is your best ‘fit’
  • Identifying skills you have gained both in and out of paid work
  • Assessment of options and decision making
  • Coaching in networking and self-marketing techniques
  • Preparation of a CV and interview practice
  • If appropriate, planning the first steps in setting up a new business.


Career Planning London

Do you need help to plan your career? Do you know what sort of role you are looking for but need help to achieve it?

Looking For The Next Steps 

Are you a high achiever who has progressed rapidly in your career and needs to plan next steps?

“I feel less likely to just bounce from role to role, like I have done in the past as I have a much clearer view of where I would like to get to in my career. I also have a much better understanding of my key skills and how to articulate them – the exercise of writing a functional CV was particularly helpful. I now have a great toolkit that I can apply to future career decisions.”  Finance director, manufacturing sector