Organisation consulting

I  work with senior management teams through:

  • Individual coaching to help team members to develop and improve performance
  • Facilitating workshops with the team as a whole to assess and improve performance.

I also provide:

  • Advice and assistance in planning career management strategies to retain talent and develop employees to meet their full potential in a way which is aligned with the business needs
  • One-to-one coaching for employees to help them to manage their careers and fulfil their aims whilst progressing within the organisation
  • Advice on how to plan for downsizing
  • Outplacement counselling for those being made redundant, including group workshops and one-to-one meetings.

Examples of my work include:

Major oil company – Aberdeen. Facilitated career development meetings with staff and designed and co-delivered workshops to get staff involved in planning their personal development within the organisation.  Outcomes included increased engagement, performance improvement (when managers were surveyed) and excellent feedback from staff, who felt better able to plan for the career they wanted within the organisation in the long term.

Major oil company – national.  Carried out career coaching sessions with individuals at all levels from recent joiners to the most senior people on site who wanted to look globally for their next career move.  Feedback from the organisation related to the individuals, who without exception reported increased motivation and commitment to the organisation, based on a perception that it was supportive in  helping them achieve their career objectives.

NHS Health Trust – worked with employees at all levels prior to an internal reorganisation to identify opportunities in the new structure that fitted into their overall career plan.  The head of HR subsequently reported that the reorganisation went smoothly, with individuals fitting quickly into their new roles.

Two local councils in Scotland – worked with the senior management team during restructuring to help them to identify and work towards career objectives within the new organisations – again, the head of Training and Development reported that they were able to maintain morale and performance because managers felt supported during the process.

Helped senior partners in professional practices (accountancy, legal and surveying) to plan and manage their careers within and when leaving the organisation.

Developed career management strategies for major players in the technology manufacturing sector.

Worked with officers leaving the armed forces to help them to approach the external job market.

Carried out career and development coaching with members of the senior management team in a membership organisation.

Assessed capability of the senior management team of a financial services organisation as part of a review ahead of acquisition.

Worked with senior management team in a not-for-profit organisation  to improve how they work together and how they relate to external partners.