Senior executive branding

If you are a high achiever who has rapidly progressed in your career, maybe it’s time to take stock.  Most likely you are so engrossed in the pressures and stresses of a leadership role that there is little time to think about where you want to go with your own career. Or maybe you find yourself looking for your next role and trying to work out how you will do this.

I can take you through a programme to give you the space and time to take an objective look at what are the themes and patterns in your career to date, where that leaves you now and what should be your objectives for the future.

With a richness of valuable experiences and a high level of impact throughout your roles to date, it can be difficult to unravel your attributes and project these clearly and concisely to the job market. Together we can work out the essential aspects of your “brand”, ie your unique skills and abilities and how you can apply them to add maximum value to an organisation.  We work on how you can present this brand clearly and succinctly, through developing a first class CV, Linkedin page and practising how you will present yourself when networking or job searching.

If you are leading up to retirement, we might plan a portfolio of activities, ranging from charity work, to consultancy, to academic studies, to non-exec directorships.  We can look at how best to approach the application process for trustee or public appointment roles, and how to manage your relationship with headhunters and senior recruiters.

We will also plan how to maximise your network to help you to research different sectors, organisations or roles, and to get in front of the right people with the right story and questions.

The outcome will be a clear plan for the future, along with a well thought out strategy for achieving your objectives.