Are you in control of your career?

This questionnaire helps you to identify whether you have the things in place to help you to search most effectively for the right job for you and to be in control of your career. Once you have completed it, think about what actions you need to take.

1. I know what my skills and strengths are and can give evidence to demonstrate them.

2. I know how my skills could be transferred to another role, sector or organisation.

3. I know what kind of job or work scenario suits me best.

4. I know what my career and life goals are.

5. I can see where my current role, be it paid or unpaid work, fits into achieving these goals.

6. I am working towards short-term objectives which fit in with my overall career plan.

7. I am proactive in seeking out opportunities to achieve my career goals.

8. I have an up-to-date CV which highlights my achievements.

9. I have a completed Linkedin page and my presence on social media is appropriate, should a potential employer Google me.

10. I am confident and prepared when talking to potential employers.

11. I know how to approach the visible and invisible job markets.

12. I am a member of professional associations, business forums or Linkedin groups that will help me keep abreast of developments in sectors of interest to me.

If you have answered Yes to less than 4 questions, you need to take some time to really think about the way you are looking for your next role and are managing your career. You could seek help from a career coach to kick-start your career development.
If you have scored between 5 and 8, you have taken reasonable charge of your career. You can be even more effective by taking the points you answered No to into consideration.
If you have scored between 9 and 12, you obviously take your career development seriously, and make a real effort to make sure you are acting as effectively as possible. Can you take any questions you answered No to into consideration?