Negotiating a job offer

What is the best way to negotiate a salary? Before going to any interview, you should have a broad idea of what you would be looking for moneywise.  Research the market rate for similar roles as much as you can by checking what other organisations are advertising, talking to people you know or looking up… Continue reading Negotiating a job offer

Using positive language to sell yourself

One of the most useful seminars I ever attended was about selling.  Selling anything – products, services, yourself.  The presenter talked about how the language you use can help the listener to feel either positive or negative. Think of listening to someone talk.  If they include a word like “unfortunately”, “but”, “however” or “although” in… Continue reading Using positive language to sell yourself

Resolutions for a happy 2021

As we made our New Year’s resolutions this time last year, we could never have imagined what the year would hold. For many of us there have been difficulties – concerns about loved ones, financial stress and loneliness to name but a view. There have also been positives for some of us – a less… Continue reading Resolutions for a happy 2021

Make that change!

So many of us have been forced to make major changes in the way we lead our lives over the past few weeks.  This may well have felt uncomfortable and unsettling at first. But’s it’s amazing how quickly new habits can be formed and your new life begins to feel normal.  Indeed it might now… Continue reading Make that change!