Focus on your strengths

I’ll be having a session with a client and we’ll get onto the subject of how to answer questions about their strengths and weaknesses at interview.  Previously we’ll have spent a good bit of time working out what their skills are and what the evidence is for these, so I am expecting them to wax… Continue reading Focus on your strengths

How to negotiate a job offer

What is the best way to negotiate a package when you are offered a new role? Before going to any interview, you should have a broad idea of what you would be looking for moneywise.  Research the market rate for similar roles as much as you can by checking what other organisations are advertising, talking… Continue reading How to negotiate a job offer

How to do your own SWOT analysis

A SWOT analysis is often used by businesses to give a structure with which to plan for the future by identifying their Strengths and Weaknesses from within and Opportunities and Threats from the outside world.  So why not use it to plan your own career strategy? First think about your Strengths: positive things about you that are under your control… Continue reading How to do your own SWOT analysis

Using positive language to sell yourself

One of the most useful seminars I ever attended was about selling.  Selling anything – products, services, yourself.  The presenter talked about how the language you use can help the listener to feel either positive or negative about what you are saying. Think of listening to someone talk.  If they include a word like “unfortunately”,… Continue reading Using positive language to sell yourself

Find your Ikigai

The inhabitants of the Japanese islands of Okinawa are known for their longevity.  They also believe in the idea that everyone has an Ikigai – a reason for living, the source of value in your life.  They believe that to live a long and happy life you need to work out what this is. If… Continue reading Find your Ikigai