How to improve your self-confidence

Living a life of fulfilment and happiness is so much more achievable if you have a healthy level of self-confidence. Too often when we feel our life is not going to plan our self-confidence is low.  So what can we do to try to improve it?

First remember the things you’ve already achieved in life and the skills and abilities these show. What have others praised you for? Can you develop these skills further? Maybe in your current role you can take on new tasks that will be challenging but still possible for you to complete successfully. 

Thinking about what others have said you are good at, do you need to get better at hearing and acknowledging praise in the future?

Elsewhere in your life, look for opportunities to be kind to others either informally or through voluntary work.  Making others feel good helps you do the same.  And of course voluntary work can be a great way of supplementing the experience in your CV.

If you are feeling stuck where you are, research and gather information to help you make decisions about the future. Try to think positively – create mental images of where you want to be and keep negative thoughts away. Aim for solutions to problems – for instance change a bad habit or do something you have been putting off.

Set small goals that you can achieve to get you started.  As time goes on try to take some risks rather than staying in your comfort zone. There’s nothing like achieving something you thought you couldn’t do to increase your feeling of self-worth.  If you don’t succeed, learn from the experience – if you made mistakes acknowledge them and work on how to be better next time. Being organised helps enormously – tidy your house, or desk or files or whatever will help you work more effectively.

Think about your body language and what it shows.  Is your posture good?  Try to walk fast, with purpose, and talk slowly as if what you have to say is worth listening to.

Think about other people who are like you and how they succeed.  Spend time with people you know who help you to feel positive and energised.

Having self-confidence lets you be true to yourself, doing what you believe to be right rather than what others expect and ultimately, leading your life the way you want.